Urinetown Callback Information

Thank you for auditioning for Equinox Theatre Company’s production of Urinetown. Below is the list of those from our initial auditions that we would like to see at Callbacks. Please download and print the appropriate callback material (if you are unable to print a copy, we will have some available, but if you can bring your own, that would be very helpful.) Please familiarize yourself with all material in your callback packet.

Callbacks will be held Tuesday, February 17 at 6:30 P.M. at The Bug Theatre. There will be a dance call and a tap call (for those that indicated tap experience.) Please arrive prepared to move and bring the appropriate shoes if you will be in the tap call.

Male Callback Packet
Women Callback Packet

Callback list:

Abigail Kochevar
Ami Hall
Amy Stuemky
Brad Wagner
Cameron Leonard
Carolyn Lohr
Cherylann Schrader
Christine Vitale
Cody Schmitt
Colleen Herskovits
Emily Mott
Erica Intfen
Gregory Farinelli
Hannah Schell
Holly Dalton
James Thompson
Jesse Carruth
Jim Hitzke
Juliette Petersen
Kalond Irlanda
Kelly Dwyer
Kristie Denlinger
Landon Archuleta
Laura Mariskanish
Luke Tredinnick
Morgan Lowe
Nichole Srott
Nicole Seefried
Owen Niland
Rachel Finley
Shena Mathew
Sophie Hernando Kofman
Tashara May
Tim Luoma
Tyler Kingsbury