Sweeney Todd Callbacks

The callback sides for Sweeney Todd are as follows. You can download the sides HERE.
Please print a copy for yourself for the callbacks. In addition, please make sure we have your headshot, resume and all conflicts through 11/2/19. We will have a tentative schedule available for you to review.

Anthony – Johanna prt 2 m4-20

Johanna- Green Finch m 21-36

Beggar Woman – Johanna Act 2 Sequence m 65-78

Lovett – Worst Pies m 1-23

Pirelli – Contest pt 1 m 62-75

Beadle – Ladies in their sensitivities m 38-54

Toby – Not While I’m Around m 21-36

Sweeney – Epiphany m 14-53

Judge – Joanna pt 2 m 83-105


Aaron Szindler
Alexis Webb
Anna Piper
Anna Sturtz
Brandon Metoyer
Brandon Phelps
Brekken Baker
Carter Smith
Chris Warren
Christina Adamoli
Dana Hart Lubeck
David Kincannon
Derek Helsing
Emily Armstrong
Emily Ebertz
Erin Bell
George Sepmeier
Holly Dalton
Isaac Rosen
Jack Mariotti
James Bloom
James Crapes
Jared West
Jeff Butler
Jim Hitzke
Jordan Duran
Jori Silber
Kade Fritzler
Karl Allen
Kate Grigsby
Katie Burdette
Koby Adams
Lacey Eberl
LeeAnn Scherlong
Linda Brown
Madison Wulf
Megan Loeffler
Michaela Lamb
Mike Moran
Paul Jaquith
Rachel Peoples
RJ Wagner
Robin Zavala
Ryan Finn
Sadie Trigg
Seth Maisel
Solveig Swanson
Stephanie Hood
Timothy Campbell
Trevor Warren
Vanessa Childers
Wade Wood
Wyatt Halley
Zachary Vaughn