Spamalot Callback Materials

Below, you will find the callback materials we will be using for Spamalot.

If you are called back, please familiarize yourself with all of the material listed by your name. Also, in an effort to reduce waste, we will not be printing too many copies of the sides. Please either print your own or bring an electronic copy to reference. 
There are several parts in Spamalot that do not sing a lot, therefore some of you might be auditioning with a musical number that you were not expecting. 

The callbacks will be at The Bug Theatre on Sunday, January 12th from 12PM to 4 PM. The schedule for the day will be as follows: 

12:00 – Dance Call
1:30 – Female Ensemble and Knights
2:00 – Lady of the Lake
2:30 – King Arthur
2:45 – Galahad
2:55 – Robin
3:05 – Herbert
3:10 – Minstrel
3:20 – Patsy
3:30 – Cold Reads


Side info:
King Arthur
p64 – I’m All Alone m.2-19
p6 – King Arthur’s Song m.2-9

Sir Robin/Guard 1/Brother Maynard
p44 – You Won’t Succeed on Broadway m.1-27

Sir Galahad/Herbert’s Father/Black Knight
p18,20 – The Song That Goes Like This m.1-8, 49-End

Patsy/Mayor/Guard 2
p36-37 – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life m.1-25 Walk to an F

Lady of the Lake
p29-30 – Find Your Grail m.8-40
p26-27 – Knights of the Round Table m.114-133
p20 – The Song That Goes Like This m.49-End

p58 – Where Are You m.27-35
p60 – Here Are You m.1-6 

p41-42 – Brave Sir Robin m.9-47

p8 – I’m Not Dead Yet m.1-17

Laker Girls/Female Ensemble
p29 – Find Your Grail m. 1- 6

Callback List: 

Alec SarcheHerbert, Knight
Alyssa CovertDance Call
Anna CalvertDance Call
Anna SturtzDance Call, Lady of the Lake, Female Ensemble
Ben HermanGalahad, Herbert
Brad WagnerPatsy, Knight
Brian WilcoxArthur, Knight
Carter SmithPatsy, Minstrel, Herbert
Chelsea WinslowLady of the Lake
Chris ArnesonArthur, Robin
Cody SchmittDance Call, Knight
Dallas SlankaardDance Call
Denise TaylorDance Call
Dominique MickelsonDance Call
Drew GeorgeDance Call, Knight
Emily MaccomberLady of the Lake
Eric CrawfordArthur, Galahad
Erin Kaye ReevesDance Call
Gabe SalmonDance Call, Knight
Hannah SchellDance Call, Female Ensemble
Jacqueline MaddoxLady of the Lake
James ThompsonGalahad,  Knight
Jerome SibutoHerbert, Galahad
Jordan GriffithsDance Call, Female Ensemble
Julia Fournier UbedaDance Call
Kara MorrisseyLady of the Lake
Kendall HelbligDance Call, Female Ensemble
Kenna BartleDance Call
Kristen KubiakDance Call
Lauren RussellDance Call
Leo FoxRobin, Knight
Linda Swanson BrownDance Call, Minstrel, Female Ensemble
Liz BrooksLady of the Lake
Mallory HissDance Call
Mark ZooleDance Call, Knight
Michael JonesArthur, Knight
Mike MoranArthur, Robin
Nick MarshallDance Call, Knight
Rebecka SmithLady of the Lake
Reese BlantonDance Call, Patsy , Minstrel
Sadie TriggLady of the Lake
Said GonzalezArthur, Galahad
Shaina LevisonDance Call
Stephanie HesseDance Call
Steven HartmanPatsy, Robin
Taryn Hope CochranDance Call, Female Ensemble
Thairone Vigil MedinaDance Call, Knight
Willa BogradDance Call, Minstrel, Female Ensemble
Yelena YundDance Call