Reefer Madness 2011

Reefer Madness
August 26 through September 19, 2011
Music By Dan Studney
Lyrics by Kevin Murphy
Directed and Choreographed by Colin Roybal


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Director/Choreographer, Music Direction: Colin Roybal

Stage Manager: Deb Flomberg
Makeup/Costumes: Jessamyn Geesaman
Assistant Costumer: Deb Flomberg
Lights & Sound board: Tish Bisgard and Bonnie Green
Follow Spot: Arthur Pierce
Prop Artist: Sarah Oregon
New Set Art: Katie Whitcraft

Lecturer: Patrick Brownson
Jimmy: James O’Hagan Murphy
Mary: Ariel Cagan
Mae: Natasha Gleichman
Ralph: Adam Perkes
Jack: Shannon McCarthy
Sally: Whitney Fisher
Jesus: Robert Harbour

Ensemble: Katherine Whitcraft, Linda Swanson-Brown, Seth Dean, Chachi Martin, Dy Sacco, Lauren Cora Marsh

Piano: Michelle Zwolinski
Guitar: Scott Julsen
Bass: Ian Hanson
Drums: Brian Jaffe
Woodwinds: Laura Kimberlin-Jones


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The extremely bright director, Colin Roybal obviously “gets it,” and makes the most of Kevin Murphy and Dan Studney’s brilliant book, lyrics and music. The show is uproariously funny, the musical numbers are show-stoppers, and the cast over-acts (if that’s possible with this material) with total abandon. Despite numerous heavily eroticized situations, the show is far from titillating. It’s hysterically funny and repugnant at the same time.”

Father Patrick Dorn, The Playwright Priest, CLICK HERE for the full review