Evil Dead: The Musical


Evil Dead: The Musical

By: Christopher Bond, Frank Cipolla, Melissa Morris and George Reinblatt
Directed By: Deb Flomberg
Music Direction By: Hunter Hall
Choreography By: Christian Munck
August – September 2013

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Cast and Crew:
Director – Deb Flomberg
Producer: Colin Roybal
Music Director: Hunter Hall
Choreography: Christian Munck
Stage Manager: Kate Blair
Costumes: Chachi Martin

Featuring the talents of:
Ash: Jason Lythgoe
Cheryl: Erica Trisler
Scott: Chris Arneson
Linda: Savannah Lake
Shelly: Natasha Gleichmann
Ed: Eli Stewart
Jake: Preston Adams
Annie: Ember Everett
Moose/Knowby: Patrick Brownson
Tree/Teamster: David Ballew
Hand: Aran Peters

Piano: Hunter Hall/Colin Roybal
Guitar: Matt Channing
Bass: Ian Hanson
Drums: Brian Jaffe

Follow Spot: Chelsea Winslow
Board Ops: Leticia Bisgard, Robert Harbour

[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”Reviews” open=”0″ style=”2″] “The puns are clever, the plot twists are mostly unexpected, and the music is catchy.” – Craig Williamson, North Denver Tribune, Read the full review¬†HERE


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