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Equinox Theatre Company
Hello Equinox friends!
So first, lets sum up 2011 - and the best word is probably - wow! Starting with Stop Kiss in March we then produced an incredible version of Little Shop of Horrors and ended the season with a remount of last years hit Reefer Madness. It was an amazing year and we are so thankful to everyone that comes out to support us!!

Moving on to 2012 - We are SO excited about this upcoming year!

Opening the season will be Terrene McNally's And Things That Go Bump in the Night directed by Brian J. Brooks - check out our "current show" page to see all the details and our recently announced cast and crew.

May of 2012 will bring the Denver Premier of Sarah Ruhl's In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play, directed by Deb Flomberg. This is also sure to be a hilarious and engaging evening of theatre!

And our summer musical this year will be just as exciting with Stephen Sondheim's Assassins, directed by Pat Payne!

Yes - this year is going to be full of tremendous theatre and we hope you will all come out and be a part of it. Audition for us - come see us, or help us on the crew, we can not do what we love without your support.
2010 was an amazing year for Equinox Theatre Company. Lets take a look back, shall we?

We started 2010 with an unprecedented number of auditioners coming out to audition for The House of Yes. Once the casting was complete, we put up The House of Yes and drew record numbers for Equinox and some amazingly positive reviews.

Once The House of Yes closed we were off and running with Reefer Madness, the “Hit” Musical. For our first full musical it  was an amazing success! Sold out shows, standing room only, and not one, not two, but three award nominations! The Denver Post honored Reefer Madness with Best Musical and Best Supporting Actor nominations for their Ovation Awards and David Marlow honored Reefer Madness with another Best Supporting Actor nod. Congrats to the entire cast and crew!

Once the dust had settled in Reefer-town, we were ready for Musical Shenanigans 2010 and the exciting announcement of our 2011 season! We will be opening with the beautiful and poignant Stop Kiss, which is already in rehearsals and opens very soon!

Spring will bring The Little Shop of Horrors – as you’ve never seen it before! Trust me, you will definitely want to see this version!
Then we are bringing back the Madness! Yep, its true – Reefer Madness will be returning in late Summer 2011!

Finally, Shenanigans goes big time as we move into The Bug and celebrate the Holidays – Equinox Style!

Its going to be an incredible year, and we are so thrilled to have had such amazing support from cast, crew, and you – the audience. Please help us start our third season off strong and come see Stop Kiss – opening February 25th at The Bug Theatre. Click here to read about the show and stay tuned for more info about Equinox! And remember – The Season is Changing…

Yesterday, we found out that the our last musical - Reefer Madness - was nominated for two Ovation Awards from the Denver Post. Eric Mather, who played Jimmy, is up for Best supporting actor in a comedic role and the show is nominated for Best Musical!

We really are thrilled to be considered among the top shows in Denver last year. As a new company, we couldn't be more honored to be a part of this immensely talented community. Reefer Madness was only our 4th full production, and its paved the way for a very exciting 2011 season (to be announced very soon!)

So Congrats to the whole cast and crew of Reefer Madness!
And stay tuned for some very exciting news from Equinox Theatre Company!!

And click here to see the nomination and read all about the Ovation Awards!
Some thoughts from your producer:

Reefer Madness opend last night to a very enthusiastic and appreciative crowd! It is so exciting to finally hear the reactions of the crowd - the warm applause, the hoots of laughter, the cheers and whistles. This cast truly fed off the energy and blew them all away!

The show is a hit and I couldn't be more proud of this amazing cast and crew! And our audience last night! Whew! The theatre got pretty hot, and they were still involved and loving the show - that says a lot. Hopefully the weather will cool down soon :)

We've got 9 more performances to go and I'm certain they will all be selling out. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, do it now - limited seats are available for every performance. But they are truly limited.
A quick note from your friendly neighborhood producer....

Well we are about a month and a 1/2 away from opening night of Reefer Madness, our company's first musical and a Denver Premier. I couldn't be more excited!

When we started Equinox in 2009, we always had our eyes set on musicals, but we didn't think we'd be here for a couple more years. However - here we are, ready to open our first musical, armed with an AMAZING cast, and having the times of our lives!

We performed the opening number at Freak Train at the Bug Theatre a couple of weeks ago (see the video on our home page) and it was a HUGE success! The audience just loved it! And I know you will too.

We open on August 27th and Tickets have already started selling. its gonna be huge - and I hope you can all come be a part of it. The cast is INCREDIBLE and this is a show you really won't want to miss. I urge you all to buy your tickets today so you don't miss out. There are only 9 performances of this show - so make sure you are there!

Here it is! We are very proud to announce the cast of Equinox Theatre Company’s Production of Reefer Madness!!! This was the toughest call-back process we’ve had so far! So many amazingly talented singers, dancers, and actors came out to audition for this show. However, after much deliberating, here is the cast. This is a Denver premier so be sure to put August 27th through September 18th on your calendars for some MADNESS!!!!

The Lecturer – Brandon Bill
Jimmy – Eric Mather
Mary – Hillary Tae
Mae – Celia Jones
Jack – Arthur Pierce
Sally – Katie Rhodes
Ralph – Adam Perkes
Jesus – Ryan Pace

Patrick Brownson

Ariel Cagan
Robert Harbour
Melissa Morris
Katherine Roadcap
Eric Sammons
Erin Schaut
Christine Sharpe

Director/Choreographer – Colin Roybal
Assistant Director – Chris Johnson

Producer – Deb Flomberg
Stage Manager – Jonathan Ruiz
Assistant Choreographer – Hillary Tae
Accompanist – Kelly Torian
Costumes/Makeup – Jessamyn Geesaman

Run Crew – Sonshine Blakeslee
We at Equinox are so excited to announce the auditions for a very special Denver premier musical: Reefer Madness. This show pushes the limits for musicals, and will be a fun challenge for our growing company. Already we have had a great early response for audition sign-up, and we expect this musical to draw many new talents and audiences to our Equinox family.
            The show pokes fun at the use of government scare tactics by satirizing the original 1936 film of the same name. The idea that a substance can instantly transform a wholesome teen into a bloodthirsty, vicious zombie in one indulgence is absurd, and capitalizing on the ignorance of a nation about that substance was just as absurd an attack by the filmmakers. This musical challenges audiences to THINK FOR THEMSELVES, which, as Americans, we do so little nowadays. So, by doing this musical, we hope not to advocate any stance on the marijuana debate, but rather, encourage everyone to enjoy a laugh at the idea that anyone can be so easily corralled by the media.
            Our auditions are scheduled for May 11th and 12th, at the Bug theatre, and interested artists should schedule an appointment to audition on our site, or send a message of interest for design or to help with the show in any capacity. Our mission continues with this production, by inviting artists of all sorts to challenge themselves and our audiences with this bold piece. Come and join us for something out of the ordinary. To follow the fold would be... Madness.

Colin Roybal
Artistic Director,
Equinox Theatre Company
Well, we did it! We had over 50 people come down and audition for The House of Yes, making this our most attended audition yet! This was an incredibly difficult decision - there is so much amazing talent in Denver!! We'd like to thank every single person who came down to audition and we hope to see you all at the show, and again at future auditions!

And now, without further delay - the cast list for The House of Yes: 
Jackie O - Lindsey Christian
Marty - Anthony Bianco
Anthony - Brandon Stiller
Leslie - Maggie Tisdale
Mrs. Pascal - Jill Tafel

We are very excited to announce that our March, 2010 production will be Wendy MacLeod's The House of Yes. This dark comedy is a cult classic and even had a very successful 1997 movie staring Parker Posey.

Jackie-O is anxiously awaiting the visit of her brother home for Thanksgiving, but isn't expecting him to bring a friend. She's even more shocked to learn that this friend is his fiancée. It soon becomes clear that Jackie-O’s obsession with Jackie Kennedy is nothing compared to her obsession with her brother, as it also becomes clear she isn't the only member of the family with problems.

We are even more excited that we will be performing this fantastic comedy at the historic Bug Theatre in Denver! The Bug Theatre is one of the oldest theatre's in Denver with a rich and interesting past! It was originally built in 1912 as a Nickelodeon movie theatre, but has since been renovated into a beautiful media and performance arts space.

Auditions are on January 11th, and rehearsals start right away! Stay tuned for our cast list!
Well, our first Musical Shenanigans was a huge hit! We had 2 full houses and 2 nights of great entertainment! The audiences all loved it, and we couldn't have been more pleased with how the show turned out.

We couldn't have done it without the support of Pete at Patrick at the PS1515/PSLounge, in addition to the support of some amazing talent!

Stay Tuned for an exciting announcement about our next show! Coming very soon to a theatre near you!!