Equinox Highlights: Momoko Shibuta

During this time of quiet, we’re excited to be showcasing some of the many incredibly talented musicians who have been a part of our musical orchestras over the years. We pride ourselves on always featuring live music and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without these fine musicians. 

Next up: Momoko Shibuta! We first met Momoko for Atomic and we quickly fell in love with her amazing violin skills. Every time we are lucky enough to have Momoko in one of our orchestra pits, we not only benefit from her wonderful energy, but her music adds so much to each production. We are lucky to know her and happy to introduce you to her! Meet Momoko Shibuta!

About Momoko:

My name is Momoko Shibuta. 
I am originally from Japan and I started playing the violin with Suzuki violin school when I was a child.  I have worked on Atomic, Heathers, and Sweeney Todd.


Who are your musical influences: My musical influences are people who I played the music throughout my life time and violinists who I have listened to and watched their performances.  The beauty of classical music pieces such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Tchaikovsky kept me playing the violin.

What keeps bringing you back to Equinox? 
Equinox is such a lovely place.  Its a small theater with huge talents. I have been an 
audience and I truly enjoyed the experience with a great performance and music. I liked the good energy and the enthusiasm that I can feel from the performance. I feel honored and thankful for the opportunities to be a part of the shows. Thank you all. 
What else do you have in the works? I don’t have any project but am looking forward to start playing again with the Equinox band members, Golden Chamber Orchestra, and my violin duo partner. 
What would you like to say to our patrons?  Hope you will enjoy upcoming shows soon and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the show!  

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