Equinox Backstage: Rebecca Lyn Russell

Here at Equinox Theatre Company, we are always excited when we get to feature new faces and new talents on our stage. And our regional premiere of Bubble Boy: The Musical is no exception. Those that follow Equinox will recognize many of their returning favorites, but they’ll also see some new performers who are on our stage for the first time. 

One of the many talented people appearing on The Bug stage for the first time is Rebecca Lyn Russell, who is playing the part of Mrs. Livingston – the antagonist of the show – and just wait till you see her tackle this challenging role. Lets get to know her a little bit with her own quick Equinox Backstage interview. 

Equinox Theatre Company: Why is this role special to you?
Rebecca Lyn Russell: After taking a 10 year hiatus from the stage, I feel incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to play such a fun character. 

ETC: What is it about the Bubble Boy that you think people can relate to?
RLR: The wackiness of the storyline and characters cannot take away from the ultimate moral of the story – that everyone has a “bubble.” Perhaps people will be able to leave the theatre thinking about what their own personal bubble is and what they can do “break free.” 

ETC: What song in the show is your favorite?
RLR: I love all of the songs and find myself singing them throughout the day. However, if I had to pick a favorite, the ear-worm song of the decade, it would have to be “Bright and Shiny.” 

ETC: How has the rehearsal process been going?
RLR: This is a stellar cast and crew full of talented and fun-loving people. Lots of laughter has been the norm and I look forward to each rehearsal, so I would say the process has been great!

ETC: Why do you think Equinox audiences will love this show?
RLR: Bubble Boy is just silly enough to become a cult classic. I imagine it could be the next Rocky Horror Picture Show where audiences bring objects with them to enhance their viewing experience – bubbles to blow, beer cans to chug, smiley shirts or prom dresses to wear, tambourines to play, a portable bubble wear, and so much more. 

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ETC: How do you prepare for a role like this? 
RLR: This is the first time I have ever played an evil character. Mrs. Livingston is an ultra conservative racist and religious nut who is abusive to her husband and has kept her son indoors and “safe” from any exposure to the outside world, teaching him only what she feels he should learn. I tapped into some character traits of Rapunzel’s Mother Gothel and Mrs. Chasen from Harold and Maude. For me, Mrs. Livingston is going to go down as one of the most fun characters I have ever had the opportunity to play. 

For me, Mrs. Livingston is going to go down as one of the most fun characters I have ever had the opportunity to play. 

ETC: Tell us about the rest of the cast – how has it been working with them?
RLR: It has been awesome. To tackle the material of this show (there are more than a handful of inappropriate scenes), we had to quickly become comfortable around each other. They are a great group of actors and it has been a blast working with them. 

ETC: And, lightning round: 
     1. Favorite Color: Blue
     2. Favorite Movie: Harold and Maude
     3. Favorite Car: One that runs
     4. Favorite TV Show: The Great British Baking Show
     5. Favorite Song: Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
     6. Favorite Musical: Current? Hadestown 
     7. Favorite Food: Sushi

See the show! Tickets are selling fast! Running January 24th through February 15th.