Equinox Updates

We are so grateful to the theatre community for the support during the difficult pandemic circumstances that have affected us all during the last two years. Equinox Theatre Company has used this time to restructure and rejuvenate our policies and procedures to ensure the safety and security of all our artists, so that everyone can find a voice within our company. We acknowledge the gaps in our company that needed to be addressed and we have dedicated our time to develop new policies to protect and support everyone in an inclusive environment going forward, before Equinox could safely create theatre again and make this promise and commitment to be better.

Equinox is committed to being an environment where sexual harassment, in any form, is not tolerated and will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with, with no fear of reprisal and with the utmost respect to the victims of said harassment if it ever occurs. As a part of Equinox’s Zero Tolerance policy, all Board Members and production directors are required to complete harassment training to learn how to identify and report harassment within productions so that all artists involved are safe. This also includes having a cast member from each current production act as the voice of the show should any issue arise, and have direct communication with a board member that is not otherwise directly involved with the production.  We are also engaging the services of a professional confidential hotline all participants are encouraged to call with any issues. 

We look to the future of the theatre world with great hope to once again innovate and inspire the Denver theatre community. Equinox is proud to return to the Denver theatre community with two productions in the 2022 Season. Our first production of the returning season is First Date, opening May 20th, and we will be able to announce our second show very soon. We are also thrilled to be performing in a new space for us – one that is already bringing fantastic work to the community. We will be joining the family at the John Hand Theater in Lowry and tickets will soon be available on our website. We greatly appreciate the community’s support in returning and growing together.

If you have any questions or concerns or are interested in joining the Equinox board to grow the company into a safer and better space for artists, please reach out to info@equinoxtheatredenver.com.


Sincerely, the 2022 Equinox Board,

Kathryn Gourley
Colin Roybal
Sam Dei Rossi

Click here to view the 2022 revised Bylaws