One of the most classic adult films of all time comes to life in this musical adaptation. Featuring plenty of music, dancing and lots of innuendo, this hilarious take on a classic is the must see of 2015! Debbie is the captain of her high school cheerleading team, but she dreams of making it to the big time by becoming a Texas Cowgirl Cheerleader. The only thing that stands between Debbie and the realization of her dream is bus fare to the big city: Dallas. Debbie enlists her teammates to get full-time jobs after school and on weekends to help pay for her trip to Dallas. Will Debbie and her friends find the money to get to Dallas? Will she be able to see her dream come true? Rated R for content.

Featuring the talents of: Valerie Igoe as Debbie, Terra Leann Salazar as Lisa, Kerri Emswiller as Tammy, Stephanie Hesse as Roberta, Danielle Hawkins as Donna and Chris Arneson as Rick. With Joseph Graves, Devin Bustamante, Eddie Schumacher and David Ballew as the many men in this zany world.

“A scream! A saucy, tongue-in-cheek romp” – The New Yorker
“Shamelessly silly, shrewdly self-aware and proud of being naughty. Great fun!” – The New York Times
“Racy and raucous, a lighthearted, fast-paced thoroughly engaging and hilarious send up.” – The New York Daily News

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