Callback Materials for First Date

Callbacks for First Date will be Sunday, March 8 from 6 PM to 9 PM at The Bug Theatre. Below you will find the sides we will be using for the callback. We ask that you do please print or download any sides appropriate for you and bring them with you to the callbacks. We encourage electronic versions to save on paper.

Aaron Side
Casey Side 1
Casey Side 2
Woman 1/Woman 2 AND Man 1/Man 2
Woman 1 Side 2
Man 3

CaseyAaronWoman #1Woman #2Man #1Man #2Man #3
Miranda ByersNick JohnsonBethany SchellLindsay KrausaJames ThompsonKoby AdamsTrevor Hall
Madelyn WibleAlec PowellYelena YundBethany SchellTrevor HallNick MartinezAlec Powell
Sarah HarmonJimmy LuthyeTracy DenverYelena YundEric CrawfordKalle SorboJoe Lozano
Bussy GowerTrevor HallJesse OblaznyAbby Kate HerronAaron SzindlerFrankie MillingtonAaron Szindler
Dallas SlankardKalle SorboKendall HelbigSarah HarmonFrankie MillingtonEric Crawford
Bethany SchellRachel McColloughLauren RussellKalle Sorbo
Sunny Alyssa WolfNick Johnson
Katie BurdetteZachary Vaughn
Shelby Taylor
Willa Bograd
Stella Gordan
Rachel McCollough