Bubble Boy Callback Materials

Below, you will find the callback materials we will be using for Bubble Boy the Musical. 

If you are called back, please familiarize yourself with all of the material. Also, in an effort to reduce waste, we will not be printing too many copies of the sides. Please either print your own or bring an electronic copy to reference. 
Callbacks begin at 6PM at The Bug Theatre.


Callback List: 

Anna Collette Simkins
Brad Wagner
Brekken Baker
Bussy Gower
Caroline Vickstrom
Carter Edward Smith
Christopher Judge
Colleen Herskovitz
Daniel Smith
Devon Riddle
James Bloom
Jenieve Dube
Jennie Leski
Joe Lozano
Katie Burdette
Kelsey Ehrensberger
Linda Brown
Liss McClellan
Parker Fowler
Rachel Peoples
Rachel Reidenbaugh
Rebecca Lyn Russell
Sage Alberto
Stella Gordon
Taryn Hope Cochran
Willa Bograd