Below the Fold

Below the Fold, A Blog on Stage
By Dave Flomberg
Directed by Deb Flomberg
Equinox Theatre Company’s inaugural production
March, 2009

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Written by: Dave Flomberg
Adapted for the stage by Dave Flomberg and Deb Flomberg
Directed by Deb Flomberg
Set Design and Lighting Design: Colin Roybal
Stage Manager: Ryan Mattingly
Light Board: Leticia Bisgard
Sound Board: Jonathan Ruiz
Sound Design: Luke Terry
Fight Choreography: Luke Terry

Michael: Jesse Pearlman
Catherine: Ann K. Flynn
Mom: Nancy Cain
Dad: Mark Shelton
Susan: Meg Ralph
Freemont/Vet: Joseph Graves
Jack/Waxler: Patrick Mann
Grandma/Grandmother: Jessie Gessaman
Waitress/Maria: Hilary Tae


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“The sincere search for meaning in life and reconciliation with childhood hurts makes for a compelling, often humorous evening of theatre.”

“Deb Flomberg’s direction is keen and insightful, turning internal monologues outward, giving meaningful action to a cast of ten.”

-Fr. Patrick Dorn, The Playwright Priest