Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Regional Premiere of Disaster!
We’re always so impressed with all the talent we get to see with each audition!
Below is the callback list of people we’d like to see.
Callbacks are Wednesday, August 16th from 7:00 to 10:00 PM
At The Bug Theatre
3654 Navajo Street

Callbacks will consist of singing from the show and there may be a dance call, so come prepared to move.

To access the sides to prepare for callbacks, please click the appropriate link below.
Please familiarize yourself with all the music provided, and if you’re able, please print your own copy to bring with you (we will have some copies at callbacks as well.)

Any questions – please contact

Click Here To Get The Female Audition Cuts

Click Here To Get The Male Audition Cuts

Callback List:

First Last
Preston Adams
Chris Arneson
Henning Auden
Kenna Bartle
Alisha Bashaw
James Bloom
Cody Ceniti
David Cervera
Emily Cornelius
Holly Dalton
Jill Daughtrey
Emily Elliott
Anneliese Farmer
Brittany Foster
Colleen Herskovits
Shena Hinger
Erika Intfen
Katie Kendrick
Stephanie Kidd
Kim Matthews
Emma Maxfield
Rachel McCulloch
Brooke Mcnamara
Selena Naumoff
Chelsea O’Grady
Rachel Peoples
Jessica Peterson
Lina Ramirez
Leslie Randall
Rob Riney
Eddie Schumacher
Jessica Sotwick
Nichole Srott
Veronica Straight-Lingo
Linda Swanson Brown
Erica Trisler
Sonsharie Tull
Thairone Vigil-Medina
Mary Willingham