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Equinox Theatre Company Announces:
Auditions For The Regional Premiere of ATOMIC
Book and Lyrics by Danny Ginges
Music and Lyrics by Philip Foxman
Directed by Patrick Brownson
Music Direction by Adam White

Equinox Theatre Company is excited to announce open auditions for the final show of its 10th season.  ATOMIC auditions will be held Sunday, August 19 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at The Bug Theater, 3654 Navajo Street in Denver. Callbacks will be held Saturday, August 25 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, also at the Bug Theatre.

Performances will be November 9 through December 1 at the Bug Theatre. A full rehearsal schedule will be available at the auditions.

This is a non-equity production; a small stipend is paid at the end of the run.
Please note – you must be over 18 to audition for this production.

16 to 32 bars of a song in similar style to the show. No CDs or A Capella auditions, an accompanist will be provided.
Please bring your headshot and resume along with all your conflicts through December 1, 2018.

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About the show: The atom bomb’s creation during WWII was an unprecedented collaboration of minds. America’s brightest academics. Brilliant refugee scientists fleeing the terrors of Europe. Government and Military leaders. An army of construction and factory workers with no idea what they were working on. A tossed salad of humanity, united and driven by urgent necessity. Battling the clock, bureaucracy and each other to beat Hitler to the weapon that would decide the war. Only once Germany had surrendered did focus shift to Japanese cities. By then the project had grown too big to stop. But one man did try to stop it. A man since buried by history, but without whose intellect and determination the weapon that could end us might never had had its start. His name is Leo Szilard. His is the story of the bomb we only thought we knew.

Seeking: 7M/3W plus ensemble

LEO SZILARD (M 30) – A brilliant Hungarian physicist with an annoying habit of always being right. He sees the future and science as the way he’s going to save it.

TRUDE WEISS (F 20) – A gifted doctor. She’s smart enough to know how tough a life with Leo will be, and strong enough to deal with that.

ENRICO FERMI (M 30) – Italian Nobel-winning physicist. If it’s not science, he’s not interested.

ARTHUR COMPTON (M 30) – Nobel-winning quantum physicist and head of the Chicago Metlab. Torn between science and religion, morality and duty.

EDWARD TELLER (M 30) – A Hungarian genius like Leo with a more aggressive World view. He wants a bigger bomb.

LEONA WOODS (F 20) – The only woman on the Metlab team, but she’s not going to let that stop her.

ROBERT OPPENHEIMER (M 30) – The bomb is his ticket to the recognition his brilliance deserves. It’s an expensive ticket.

GENERAL GROVES (M 30) – Highly intelligent and quite reasonable. Till you get in his way. He will use the bomb to end the war. Yes he will.

PAUL TIBBETS (M 30) – A fearless young pilot with a keen sense of duty. If he can’t win the war single-handed, he’ll show how it’s done.

LAVERNE/MAE/LENA (F 20) – Rosie the Riveter meets the Andrews Sisters.

Ensemble to portray scientists, bartenders, military, NY commuters and more.

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