Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition for “Little Shop of Horrors!” We are always so excited with to see so much talent come through our doors! For those we’d like to see again, we’ve listed our callback list below.

A reminder – Callbacks are on Monday, February 26th at The John Hand Theatre in the Ballroom – 7653 E. 1st Ave, Denver 80230 from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Please download and print out your own callback packet if you’re able.

Callback list:

Anne Flynn
Brandon DeVito
Buz Gibson
Cam Leonard
Cassie Lujan
Cassie Williams
Chelsea O’Grady
Chris Gallegos
Cody Cenini
Colleen Herskovits
Derek Helsing
Emily Eliott
Emily Macomber
Haley Di Virgilio
Isabella Duran
Jacob Stephenson
James Bloom
Jessica Hall
Jessica Swanson
Joel Silverman
Johnathan Bee
Kailyn Darst
Katie Kendrick
Kelly Graham
Matt Gnojek
Meaghan Aylward
Michelle McCulloch
Mike Moran
Nicki Seefried
Nicole Conklin
Nikki Gibbs
Paul Jacquith
Preston Adams
Sarah Morrow
Stephanie Rohr
Terra Salazar
Thairone Vigil-Medina
Thomas Ilalaole
Tiffany Sieu
Tyler Kingsbury
William Holmes