Audition Sides

Below are links to all the sides for Silence! The Musical call backs. Please print out your material and bring it to the callbacks with you. Be prepared to sing and/or read for any part that is the appropriate gender.

Clarice – It’s Agent Shtarling, measures 9-23
Clarice – 90-111/Quid Pro Quo, measures 97-end (with Lecter)

Dr. Lecter – If I Could Smell, measures 83-91
Dr. Lecter – 90-111/Quid Pro Quo, measures 97-end (with Clarice)

Buffalo Bill – Are You About A Size 14 – measures 78-90
Catherine/Senator – My Daughter is Catherine, measures 86-119
Crawford/Papa – Papa Shtarling – whole song
Dr Chilton/Cop – The Right Guide, measures 76-95

Script Sides:
Crawford and Clarice: Page 6 – 7
From: “Starling, Clarice M. Good Morning.”
To: “Not yet, shir.”

Chilton and Clarice: Page 10 – 11
From: “Oh he’s a monster. Pure psychopath!”
To: “Then you shouldn’t have a problem when it comes to the rules.”

Lecter and Clarice: Page 16 – 17
From: “Jack Crawford sent a trainee to me?”
To: “I see. I myself cannot.”

Ardelia and Clarice: Page 57 – 58
From “They found the ambulance…”
To “What we see everyday”

Buffalo Bill and Clarice: Page 67 – 69
From “I understand Frederica did some sewing work for Mrs. Lipman”
To “Shit”