Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins
August 24 through September 15, 2012
Cast and Crew and Reviews listed below

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Director: Pat Payne
Music Director: Tim Kennedy
Stage Manager: Rebecca Joseph
Set/Light Designer: Colin Roybal
Costumes: Cindy Franke
Producer: Deb Flomberg
Sound Design: Deb Flomberg
Multi Media Design: DenverMind Media
Run Crew: Bonnie Greene
Follow Spot: Paul Stucko

Balladeer/Oswald -Scott Bellot
John Wilkes Booth – Adam Shelton
Proprietor – Owen Niland
Squeeky Frome – Sue Ann Shelton
Sam Byck – Patrick Brownson
Zangara – Shannon McCarthy
Czolgosz – Brandon Keller
Guiteau – Torrey Jenkins
Hinkley – James Crapes
Sara Jane Moore – Emily Maccomber

Angela Mendez
Rachelle Wood
Kristen Mair
Rachel VanScoy
Alex Ambard
Richard Chachi Martin
Matthew Satterfield
Peter Olschner

Piano – Michelle Zwolinski
Drums: Brian Jaffe
Trumpet: Erica Jaffe
Bass: Ian Hanson
Guitar: Scott Julsen
Flute: Deb Flomberg


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“Assassins does not in any way excuse these people, but it provides a window that helps us understand why each did what they did, and more importantly, see both the commonalities and differences between the motivations of each.”
– Craig Williamson, North Denver Tribune, Click here to read the full review

“Equinox Theatre Company’s production of Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins gives one much to recommend.”
-David Marlowe, Marlowe’s Musings, Click here to read the full review

“The entire cast as a combined effort were excellent.” –
Michael Mulhern,, Click here to read the full review